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Three Reasons Why Clienteling Isn’t a Luxury Anymore

Look at the reply he sent me!

Advancements in digital commerce have taken the idea of personalised customer experiences and expanded it well beyond the domain of luxury brands. This is especially true online where tailored product recommendations, promotional emails, retargeted ads and location-based mobile notifications are the norm. But in the typical brick-and-mortar store— the place where personalised selling began—digital personalisation […]

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An Omni-Channel Customer: Modern Customer Service Gaps—and more importantly, what you need to do to bridge them

Is there a difference between what shoppers expect from Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) and store associates when it comes to customer service? Research shows that regardless of engagement, in person or over the phone, customers want a personalised and seamless service. Equipping associates and CSRs alike with the same omni-channel data, such as a 360-degree […]

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The Profitable E-Commerce Order Fulfilment Challenge


  Hannah Watkins, Senior Consultant from Manhattan Associates shares her thoughts…. In an increasingly globalized supply chain landscape, the ability to provide efficient and effective e-commerce order fulfilment is still a high priority for many businesses. However by entering a competitive e-commerce arena, there are several significant challenges that must be overcome to also make e-commerce […]

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The last mile of the in-store experience

Male Sales Assistant At Checkout Of Clothing Store With Customers

  For online retailers, the last mile is generally known as the most critical part of the journey, where the goods make it to their final destination: the customer. Fail to meet customer expectations and reputation can be damaged.  In-store, that last mile is the Point of Sale experience – and the quality of this […]

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GUEST BLOG: Brexit – the word on everyone’s lips


The Brexit vote has spawn political and economic concern at a time when the UK economy was finally emerging from the shadow of the 2008 financial collapse. Following the leave vote, the economy appears to be performing better than feared thanks to a resilient consumer. But a challenging period of uncertainty and adjustment looms, in […]

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Tracking Profitability within Retail

Speeding up supply chain

Retailing has changed fundamentally over the past decade, with new channels, new entrants and some familiar names disappearing from the high street.  With customer shopping behaviour continually evolving, what does the future hold for the one quarter of retailers still not tracking customer profitability across channels? According to research from RSR, 27% of retailers cannot […]

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Top Tips in Succeeding in the Consumerisation of Wholesale Era


As well as buying wholesale products, customers are also shopping every day for consumer products like groceries, clothes and books.  They can have any product delivered whenever and wherever they want it.  And now they demand this kind of relationship with their suppliers as well; a relationship based on convenience. Here are some tips to help […]

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