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by Manhattan Associates

The Rise of Machines

When one of the most significant thinkers of recent times – Stephen Hawking – urges caution regarding Artificial Intelligence and the rise of the robot economy, should organisations not take note? Yet in a challenging economy underpinned by ever rising customer expectations the combination of unprecedented efficiency with unparalleled personalisation is simply too compelling for […]

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Move over Millennials – are retailers ready for Gen Z?

Retail strategies have focused on attracting Millennials in recent years; but with Generation Z coming of age – as both employees and customers – retailers need to embrace the expectations of this ‘digital native’ generation. And it will be the retailers that are able to create a truly digitally enabled, end to end business model […]

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The majority of shoppers are frustrated by inconsistent retail experiences

As retail continues to evolve in an ‘always on’ world, it is no secret that as consumers have become more digitally savvy and have learnt to expect more from the retail experience. Whether that is an enhanced online journey or more forward thinking in-store technology, they are expecting more from the shopping experience and they […]

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An Omni-Channel Customer: Modern Customer Service Gaps—and more importantly, what you need to do to bridge them

Is there a difference between what shoppers expect from Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) and store associates when it comes to customer service? Research shows that regardless of engagement, in person or over the phone, customers want a personalised and seamless service. Equipping associates and CSRs alike with the same omni-channel data, such as a 360-degree […]

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Your Store…Your Stage

Nobody is denying how important the customer is. You can’t escape the epicentre of any business – the customer – the one with the power. But too many of us have long neglected human capital held captive in our organisations which represents the lynchpin to making that customer happy – your store associate. Your store […]

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Right here, right now…immediate gratification…can you keep up?

We all know that demands are escalating, patience is a thing of the past, the customer is king and ‘right here, right now’ is the new norm in omni-channel shopping. But is that really so and has immediacy become the over-riding consumer expectation in retail across the globe? Here in the UK the majority of […]

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