Commerce Trends

by Manhattan Associates

The operating nucleus for retail…gaining control

Okay guys, let’s get serious. It is time to take action and stop talking about what we should do and just get on and do it. There is too much chaos and lack of control in retail supply chain damaging the customer experience and yet there is a clear path to improvement … we just need to jump on and follow it !

Yes I know, easy to say, challenging to do …. money, time, where do you start …. I’m not being flippant, just feeling a bit of New Year motivation.


The imperative is that retail needs to take charge of its supply chain and take control. To quote the lyrics of a Miley Cyrus song:

“We run things, things don’t run we …”

Order Management is the de facto operating nucleus for any retail operation. It helps you find the most Personal and the most Profitable way to define ‘How to Sell’ and ‘How to Fulfil’. It gives you, in real-time, a single view of your customer transactions and a single view of your inventory no matter where it sits in your network.

The only way to achieve omni-channel profitability is to be in control operationally.

This technology allows you to ‘LISTEN’ to your network and your customer. To ‘SEE’ and take account of sales, returns, cycle counts, stock checks, inbound inventory … all the time, across every node, within each nook and cranny of your network … and with that ‘VISIBILITY’ you can maximise residual fulfilment capacity, you can let that new style live a while longer, you can control promotional decisions profitably.

Take control. Make sure you have that vital information at your fingertips. Get Order Management into your life.