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GUEST BLOG: Learning & Development within Supply Chain Today

Stephanie Crowe, Senior Director Global Learning & Development, Manhattan Associates Employees must multiply their competencies to keep up with today’s supply chain.  The reality is that supply chain has changed.  It’s not even a “chain” anymore – it’s a network, of suppliers, distributors, facility types, forms of replenishment, cycles of supply, types of demand, the […]

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Supply Chain – it’s just the back office plumbing, isn’t it?

Definitely essential but not very sexy … That’s probably the most common view of one’s supply chain. It’s just there and it manages the flow of inventory behind the scenes. But oh boy, in today’s retail environment it is so much more … It’s exciting, it’s differentiating, it’s powerful, it’s directly connected to your customers […]

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The Shop Assistant of the Future – Take 2

A couple of years ago I made some predictions about the changing role of the shop assistant. I predicted that as a result of the amount of product information available online, the customer service assistant role would change from being a product adviser to a supply chain adviser. With the wealth of supply chain information […]

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The Multi-Channel Template – How to be Both Personal and Profitable

The retail market is in a state of flux. Retailers are moving quickly and employing new delivery options all the time in order to retain customer loyalty. Retailers understand and are reacting to customers’ demands by enhancing their fulfilment options. It’s the only way to keep up in this new, fast-paced multi-channel world. In order […]

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Are consumers becoming supply chain experts?

They already are, or at least have been for a while. In my first job as a store assistant I had supply chain information at my fingertips. Admittedly, it wasn’t always perfect for the customer; they might have had to go to another store to collect if we didn’t have the item in stock. But […]

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It’s a brave new world for retail

The tables have turned, putting your customer in the driver’s seat. “Omnichannel” or “Multichannel,” the point being your customers now decide how they want to buy your product and interact with your brand. How you respond will determine your future.  Your store inventory could be the answer. With the explosion in fulfilment options such as ship from store, […]

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Delivery isn’t just about logistics infrastructure

Customers are demanding – that’s a fact. More so now than ever. Having experienced shopping with ‘best of breed’ on-line retailers, they want their goods and they want them now. Times have changed and shoppers are more impatient than ever for their purchases – delivery times of two or three days are no longer acceptable. […]

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What, wait in all day? No way!

Customers today simply won’t wait in all day for their purchases any longer – they’re impatient and time pushed. They want their shopping and they want it now! These customers expect fashion and general merchandise retailers to offer the same level of service as supermarkets – specific 60-minute delivery slots, or a more convenient alternative. […]

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