Commerce Trends

by Manhattan Associates

Do shoppers want quicker deliveries?

I was having a reflective moment around this question the other day, do we – by which I mean shoppers – want quicker deliveries or do we just expect them to be quicker?

If I look at myself, then the answer is most definitely yes. If I can’t get what I want in-store, I will order it online and expect it yesterday…..but is that just me?  I started talking to my closest friends about this and indeed they are the same. They told me this is often the reason why they use click and collect – the feeling it’s guaranteed and if it isn’t the same day, it’s the next day (or should be).


Therefore, does the speed in which we get our purchases reflect in our loyalty to certain retailers?  Well it has to, I shop with trusted brands because I like the quality of their products and the swiftness in which they can get them to me.  I am one of those shoppers who is put off if I have to wait for more than a couple of days for my purchases….but equally, I’m not a fan of paying for delivery either.

Sound demanding?  Absolutely!  But that’s the way the world is changing; it’s speeding up, technology is moving on, omni-channel retailing is driving behavioural changes. But what is certain is customer demands will keep moving forward and changing the landscape.  Therefore, it is imperative that retailers have an order management system that can fulfil customer orders from anywhere, protecting the margins for the retailers, so they can invest back in to their products and keeping my, and other customers, loyalty.

Soon the expectation around delivery won’t be same day, but within two hours….