Commerce Trends

by Manhattan Associates

How store associates can compete with mobile-enabled shoppers

Mobile devices have given shoppers access to unlimited information on products, pricing, availability all in the palm of their hands.  With this level of empowerment, shoppers are expecting more from their in-store experiences and therefore, retailers should ensure their store staff have at least the same level of information, if not more information than the consumer they are trying to serve.

With recent research from Manhattan Associates showing that 71% of UK shoppers believe they know more about products and services than store associates, the time is now for retailers to act and turn this in to an opportunity for them.


By adapting and changing the role that the store associate plays.  It is no longer just about selling, it is about store employees not only selling, but having the knowledge of the entire product network as well as creating a highly personalised and memorable experience for the customer.

Shopping woman texting on her phone

To make this possible, retailers need to give their store staff access to mobile technology that gives them all the information on the shop floor such as a single view of the network inventory in real-time but also access to customers’ order histories and personal preferences, in order for them to make appropriate recommendations.

Mobile POS and in-store fulfilment technologies provide employees with a big picture view of what’s going on across the company’s network and helps them overcome the challenges and complexities of omni-channel customer service. This includes store associates fulfilling orders made online from in-store inventory, accepting returns regardless of channel they were purchased in and cross and upselling via personalised recommendations.

Retail store associates have a major role to play in the revitalisation of brick and mortar stores in the digital age.

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